We met the young soprano Angel Blue, who in past weeks was Musetta in “La Boheme” at La Scala. Angel Blue is a former beauty queen. She has held titles such as Miss Hollywood 2005, Miss Southern California 2006, and 1st runner up to Miss California 2006. Moreover she is engaged as a presenter for the BBC in the United Kingdom. This year she presented 3 of the BBC proms and she also presented the Cardiff Singer of the World Competition.

We have asked her the emotions that she has tried making her debut at La Scala and his objectives for the future.

How would you describe your voice?11998079_976240565752622_840578884_n

I pray and hope that my voice is a reflection of me. I’m not sure how to describe my voice, but I hope that it reflects love and warmth.

You were Miss Hollywood and Miss California …… how important is physical beauty in the world of opera today? Physical beauty is important in everyday life, not just in opera. I think beauty is important in the entertainment industry because it is so driven based on what we see and because of that people want to see an attractive person on stage. I do not think that people should be cast based on their looks alone. The voice truly does matter, but look matter too. To say that looks do not matter is to be naive. We live in a very image driven society and that means that looks/beauty matters in everything, not just in opera.


You sing both Musetta and Mimì…what are the differences between this two characters?

Both are interesting and difficult characters to sing. I think the main difference is that one has more lyrical lines while the other has lines which are more choppy and not as long and lyrical. They are both equally important there would be no Mimi without Musetta and vice versa.

What was the emotion of debut at La Scala?


In “La Boheme” at La Scala you had the opportunity to work alongside great colleagues as Vittorio Grigolo, Maria Agresta and Gustavo Dudamel …….. how important is the affinity with colleagues and the conductor?

I was most excited to sing with Ailyn Perez and Gustavo Dudamel and Ramon Vargas.
They were such great colleagues and it was so great to be on stage with them. I enjoyed on stage with everyone. Maestro Dudamel is fabulous. His enjoyment for conducting and music just beams off of him, and it is contagious. I think he has a large reason to do with why this Boheme was particularly so successful.

11944962_976240532419292_1593864279_nIn the past weeks you sang alongside Placido Domingo …… what were the teachings and memories of this experience?

I’ve been singing with Placido Domingo since 2011. He is a legend in the world of opera. I learn something new every time I work with him because I notice something new when I sing with him. I’d say the most valuable lesson is to really love what you’re doing and to be excited to sing/perform. He is ALWAYS excited to sing!

What are the roles that you would like to debut in the future?

Tosca, Violetta in “La Traviata”, Leonora (both), and maybe one day I’d like to conduct an orchestra….I have no idea, but there are possibilities everywhere.

11997262_976240549085957_419310402_nNext engagements.

Mimi in “La Boheme” at the Palau de les Arts, Myrtle in “The Great Gatsby” and Mimì at Dresden Semperoper, New Year’s Eve Gala in Baden-Baden with Massimo Giordano e Ildebrando D’Arcangelo and Elena in “Mefistofele” with Erwin Schrott in Baden-Baden.

Thank You Angel Blue and Toi Toi Toi! 

Francesco Lodola


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